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Advertising on the Morrisons Cove Community Website is the best value that you will find anywhere around the area.  As a local community website, our visitors are local to the area and looking for local information, news, entertainment, etc.  If you are a local business, it only makes sense to advertise to our local visitors and members.   Compare our prices, for the cost of a single display ad in any of the local printed media which would run for a few days or one month, you could buy several months or more of advertising on our site.  In addition if you have a web presence, your display ad on our site can lead to immediate action by going to your website or facebook page.


Our Website and facebook page pull in traffic from the various communities of the Cove, such as Roaring Spring, Martinsburg, Williamsburg, Woodbury, New Enterprise, Loysburg, Curryville, Fredericksburg, Ore Hill,  East Sharpsburg, Bakers Summit, Pote Town as well as many other surrounding areas.


Display Advertising Options


We offer on the left and right sides of every page of our website 160 x 600 px banner advertising.  These display ads are rotational ads.  This means that each time a visitor visits a new page on this site the ads will draw from a pool of ads on a rotational basis for display.  We sell only five ads for each banner, so you are guaranteed to have your ad seen at least once every five page views.  Your display ad includes a link that is activated when a visitor clicks on your ad that will open in a new window at a destination of your own choosing such as your website or facebook page.  If you do not have a web presence to click to, we can deactivate the link so that no action is taken upon a click of your ad or we can offer you a single webpage that we can host on our site for you at an additional cost.  These banner ads are $20 per month  that's about 66 cents per day.  Just supply us with your banner ad or have us design one to your specifications for free.  If you book an ad for 1 year you can change/submit a new advert up to 3 more times during the period of your advertising and receive a free Business Page Listing.  All you have to do is supply us with the extra banner files or have us design them for you.  All banners will be subject to approval and can be refused.  Spots are sold on a first come first served basis.


Business Page Listing


Our local directory is an A-Z of services and business in and around Morrisons Cove.  Each listing contains your company logo or photo, address, phone number, web address, description, link to your Website and/or facebook page, and a video ad if you have one.  We offer a free listing to you if your business or service is located within Morrisons Cove.  All others is $24 per year.  If you purchase a banner ad for a year, we will provide you a free Business Page Listing for a year.


Content Limitations


The following advertising categories are NOT accepted on

1. Advertising that is pornographic, sexually explicit, involves
    gambling or violent in nature.

2. Advertising content that is deemed to be false, misleading,
    or medically unsubstantiated.

3. Advertising that contains spyware.



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